8 Benefits of Education To Reduce Global Poverty

If you are educated, you can get all the skills required to be productive and achieve success. Nowadays, one of the biggest problems is poverty on the global level. So, educating people in areas with high level of poverty is a great way of eradicating poverty. Given below are a few benefits of education for fighting global poverty. Read on.

1. Literacy Levels

Illiteracy tends to reinforce poverty levels in the long run. Oftentimes, poor people are not allowed to send their kids to expensive educational institutes. According to UNESCO, if send all the kids in the low-income countries to school so that they could get basic reading and writing skills, we can cut the global poverty by 12%.

2. Income and Wealth Creation

With good quality education, individuals can use their skills in order to earn a good deal of money. According to UNESCO, each year spent at a school can help a student earn 10% higher income.

With proper education, farmers can produce more food in the same piece of land. So, they can add to the cultivation levels.

3. Instability and Corruption

According to a statement from the Global Partnership For Education, around 36% of kids who don’t get education belong to the areas of conflict. Actually, the lack of opportunities negatively effects their ability to look for jobs even after the conflict is gone. So, education promotes peaceful societies where people can do their best to make developments.

4. Healthier Lives

With education and awareness, individuals are better equipped to make better health choices. As a matter of fact, education is important to prevent communicable diseases as well. Disease prevention programs can help people in preventing the transmission of diseases in communities around them. This reduces the mortality rates in infants.

5. Empowered Females

Here it is important to keep in mind that the benefits of giving education to females are not limited to a few things. As a matter of fact, when women get proper education, they can generate higher income and can feed their families properly.

6. Nutrition

Deficiency of nutrients can hamper brain development of kids. As a result, kids are not able to take part in the developmental projects. According to UNESCO, if women get at least primary education, fewer kids will suffer from stunted mental growth due to malnutrition.

7. Technical Skills

With proper education, people can hone their technical skills. As a result, they can create a lot of employment opportunities in a lot of areas, such as construction, agriculture, transportation and technologies.

8. Economic Growth

With education comes the economic growth. Actually, education promotes productivity and boosts economic growth in a country.

So, if you have been trying to understand the role of education in reducing the global poverty, this article may have helped you a lot. As a matter of fact, we all should play our roles in order to spread awareness for the importance of education for the purpose of eradicating poverty. This will be a great service.

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