What’s Working in Education? The Kelly Yang Project in Hong Kong

Second in the series on inspiring educational stories, “What’s working in education?” The Kelly Yang project in Hong Kong brings American creativity and critical reasoning in the mix with writing and a love of children. The workers in the project need outside resources to teach English, they serve over 600 students in Hong Kong every year and they also have a branch project starting in Beijing. But, their mission is to do so much more than just teach English, they inspire students to think more critically and creatively through writing, speaking, and debate. Kelly herself says, “When you think success, especially academic success, boils down to two things: the ability to think innovatively and come up with solutions, and the ability to communicate those ideas well on paper and in person.” Working with students from a very early age, the Kelly Yang project uses questioning to bring out students concepts and ideas, helping them build on the ideas of their friends until they come up with a solution of merit. The most popular class is critical reasoning where they discuss critical issues of today, building an argument, and then writing and defending it in debate.

Educators worldwide are discussing these issues. What are the best ways to encourage innovative thinking and critical reasoning? How can they be consistently brought out of student as they are the mainstay of entrepreneurial thinking, which brings about economic growth and development? What works in educational settings to inspire young people to tackle difficult subjects? The Kelly Yang project answers that question through relevancy. The project breaks down difficult subjects such as: privacy and the internet, the public funding of education, whether the rich should give half of their fortunes to charity & Bill Gates giving pledge. The young people in her schools tackle the world’s challenges and are energized by them. This is exciting to young people because what they are doing seems real and is likely to lead to their future success, which is key in this system. Speaking is also a key element of their curriculum. Every child is required to be able to speak in front of others from a very early age.

Further excitement is engendered in the children who attend the Kelly Yang project because what they write is published and then sold in bookstores. This gives students who come to her school huge pride as they see their work in print and sold publicly. English is the growing currency of the future in the business world throughout Asia. By merging English with critical reasoning Ms. Yang has a winning solution. She comments, “Critical reasoning is more important than ever in Hong Kong today. It is a skill which will not only lead to better test scores, but also a better country and world. Traditionally, critical reasoning and creative thinking have been lacking in Asian education, but with Hong Kong’s recent education reforms, these skills are now essential.”

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8 Benefits of Education To Reduce Global Poverty

If you are educated, you can get all the skills required to be productive and achieve success. Nowadays, one of the biggest problems is poverty on the global level. So, educating people in areas with high level of poverty is a great way of eradicating poverty. Given below are a few benefits of education for fighting global poverty. Read on.

1. Literacy Levels

Illiteracy tends to reinforce poverty levels in the long run. Oftentimes, poor people are not allowed to send their kids to expensive educational institutes. According to UNESCO, if send all the kids in the low-income countries to school so that they could get basic reading and writing skills, we can cut the global poverty by 12%.

2. Income and Wealth Creation

With good quality education, individuals can use their skills in order to earn a good deal of money. According to UNESCO, each year spent at a school can help a student earn 10% higher income.

With proper education, farmers can produce more food in the same piece of land. So, they can add to the cultivation levels.

3. Instability and Corruption

According to a statement from the Global Partnership For Education, around 36% of kids who don’t get education belong to the areas of conflict. Actually, the lack of opportunities negatively effects their ability to look for jobs even after the conflict is gone. So, education promotes peaceful societies where people can do their best to make developments.

4. Healthier Lives

With education and awareness, individuals are better equipped to make better health choices. As a matter of fact, education is important to prevent communicable diseases as well. Disease prevention programs can help people in preventing the transmission of diseases in communities around them. This reduces the mortality rates in infants.

5. Empowered Females

Here it is important to keep in mind that the benefits of giving education to females are not limited to a few things. As a matter of fact, when women get proper education, they can generate higher income and can feed their families properly.

6. Nutrition

Deficiency of nutrients can hamper brain development of kids. As a result, kids are not able to take part in the developmental projects. According to UNESCO, if women get at least primary education, fewer kids will suffer from stunted mental growth due to malnutrition.

7. Technical Skills

With proper education, people can hone their technical skills. As a result, they can create a lot of employment opportunities in a lot of areas, such as construction, agriculture, transportation and technologies.

8. Economic Growth

With education comes the economic growth. Actually, education promotes productivity and boosts economic growth in a country.

So, if you have been trying to understand the role of education in reducing the global poverty, this article may have helped you a lot. As a matter of fact, we all should play our roles in order to spread awareness for the importance of education for the purpose of eradicating poverty. This will be a great service.

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Lifestyle News Is Essential to Improve the Standard of Living

Newspaper has turned into one of the most informative-source for delivering the news. In the news paper, you can find various types of news like current affairs, current political affairs, current happening in India and also the political and economic condition around the world.

Life is a precious gift from god. People are mostly concerned about improving their lives. Life is full of ups and downs but one must overcome the hassles and make their life progressive. Flowing with development in life has become lifestyle news in the world today. Development forecast has always been a conversational issue in business news. This is the place where great minded people meet to discover the new methods of development by studying the old track records. There are numerous technologies coming our way at lightning speed. Latest news provides the technological updates, such as the release of the new software, operating system etc. People have started following the new trend in their lifestyles. Today most of the people’s life is full of sports. People today are eager to know the sports news as they need great entertainment.

News paper has turn into one of the informative-source for delivering the news. In the news paper, you can find various types news like current affairs, current political affairs, current happening in India and also the political and economic condition around the world. You will not only find the political and economic news but also the latest news like lifestyle news, technological news, educational news, Sports news etc.

The latest news reveals that the rapid change in the lifestyle has resulted in the type II diabetes which is the most common form of diabetes, which occurs due to lack of exercise, this is because of the poor lifestyle choices from the people, leading a healthy life can keep these type of diseases at bay. There is a way to judge the individual’s standard of living. It is judged according to the person’s residence, his dining places and shopping. This is the reason lifestyle news is popular these days as it offers surprising recommendations and publicity.

Cricket as a sport is achieving great popularity not only in India but also across the world. Many news countries have begun focusing in this sport so that a vast number of audiences and spectators in India stay close to the media preferably to obtain the Sports news.

Lifestyle news helps an individual’s to become a follower of either some great person or some celebrity. Business works extremely well only on the basis of the employees. The lifestyle news will be used by the individuals who are willing to upgrade their lifestyle. Latest news updates overall proceedings taking place in the environment. Let’s hope that the news of business keeps getting better with conditions and circumstances for a healthy society.

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Spread the Light of Education Through Appropriate Education Web Templates

There is no doubt that proper education is one of the essential requirements of the human beings to remain human! Generally the task of spreading education rests partly on the government and partly on the private organizations. It is evident that websites can spread the light of education faster than anything else. But to take the things properly to the viewers or the students the websites need to be built with best of education web templates! It is because otherwise the educational news and updates would not be properly highlighted, the interactive learning processes will not be placed well and other features may not be that much attractive to the students or the visitors.

So if you are related with spreading education in any way and have a website or want to build one, you should know the how should be the designs of the education web templates. Let’s have a look at some of the major features of the layouts that you should choose for building an education website:

  • The first section that a visitor looks at is the header. So the header of the education web templates have to contain the most relevant educational information the sites want to provide. There may be some small animations to pull more attention of the student cum visitors. But never put there any heavy flash or 3D animation that takes time to load and leaves blank page to the busy visitors (they will not wait).
  • Never pick out education web templates that come with some color combinations that hurt the eyes of the visitors and you! Remember you want to spread the information (may be texts, videos etc) but if the users feel irritated then they may not stay on the site. So you have to pick out layouts that are sober (certainly not gloomy).
  • All the education web templates have to be well-managed with the text information. There should not be heap of information from where the visitors will feel lack of enthusiasm in learning! And the placements of the news or the special announcement panels have to be perfect, so that viewers find it easily without difficulty.
  • The education web templates have to be with scopes to add the interactive learning tools. Remember online learning is very much popular and students look for those. So the layouts need to have place for adding videos, chat, audio-player and etc. Even there needs to be social share buttons, RSS feeds for spreading the education virally.
  • Do not forget to check if you can customize the education web templates you are trying to select for your websites. There may be several other features or may be the advertisements that are related with student activities or the education that have to be implemented in those templates. So cent percent customization facility has to be there with every layout.

The above are the major features of education web templates that make those perfectly eligible to spread the light of the education. Besides those features you should find out if the layouts can be used with open source technologies or not. Never forget to compare and choose the most affordable education website templates for your web building purposes. If you find out a freelancer who has the experience to design the best template, you may choose him or her also. But never forget about the question of affordability. Hope you find your best layout and initiate the process of spreading knowledge!

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